Best places to work in Canada in 2018


Glassdoor Canada recently announced the best places to work in Canada for 2018 and named 25 companies where any Canadian would love to work.

The place I work (Pointclickcare) is right in the middle of the list and I was very happy to see that. Honestly, I would have given Pointclickcare Rank#1 instead of 15 as the best place to work in Canada based on my own personal experience working as an employee here.

A spot on Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work list is a tremendous achievement. After all, employees decide which companies make the list. Curious what winners have in common?

What ‘Best Places to Work Winners in Canada 2018’ have in common:


  • A Mission to Believe In
    • Employees have a sense of purpose and understanding of how they make an impact
    • A motivating mission that inspires quality work
  • Strong Culture
    • Clearly defined and shared set of values that fosters community
    • Engaged leaders that view positive culture as part of a good business strategy
  • People-Focused
    • Employees are engaged and empowered to do their best work
    • Emphasis on employee growth and development
  • Transparency
    • Open and clear communication, from the top down
    • Honest feedback is valued and encouraged

Best Places to Work in Canada in 2018

  1. SAP
  2. Paysafe Group
  3. Shopify
  4. Microsoft
  5. Salesforce
  6. Lululemon
  7. Apple
  8. Ceridian
  9. Hydro One
  10. Starbucks
  11. Stemcell Technologies
  12. Ubisoft
  13. Earls Kitchen + Bar
  14. Ledcor
  15. Pointclickcare (This is where I work as a DevOps Engineer, great place!)
  16. Cisco
  17. Marriott International
  18. RBC
  19. KPMG
  20. Costco Wholesale
  21. Manulife
  22. Reliance Home Comfort
  23. Accenture
  24. Deloitte
  25. Brookfield Renewable

I would love to know your opinion on what makes a great workplace. Do you work at a great company (not necessarily from the above list)? What is the best thing you like in your workplace? Leave a comment and let me know.



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