A Cloud Guru (acloud.guru) has acquired Linux Academy

ACloudGuru (acloud.guru) has acquired Linux Academy.


I have used both platforms in the past for my AWS and Azure exams and found them to be great value. It would be interesting to see how this acquisition provides more value to both platform users in the future.

Here is the official announcement:

Better Together

We are thrilled to announce that today A Cloud Guru has acquired Linux Academy, and we are joining forces to teach the world to cloud with the largest and most effective cloud computing training library in the world. The combined organization now represents THE school for the future of IT: hands-on, practical, and updated daily as technology changes.

We recognize that our mission to “teach the world to cloud” does not just start with the novice learner or end with the most advanced engineer, but is a mission that meets customers where they are at and enables them to be successful at their particular stage in their journey. By bringing together our complementary strengths and increasing investment in content innovation, customers and partners will have a single partner to keep pace with the rapid evolution of cloud technology.

What does this mean for our customers?

Support and service for all A Cloud Guru (ACG) content and products is continuing uninterrupted, and your primary point of contact remains the same.

Over the next year, A Cloud Guru will create a seamless learner’s journey across both platforms, and our customers will benefit from having access to a combined catalogue of our courses, broad and deep hands-on learning, skill assessments, and the many educational features our platforms have to offer!


Specifically, ACG customers will benefit from:

  • A more comprehensive course catalog with much greater depth in Linux, Security, DevOps, Big Data and Containers content across AWS, Azure and Google Cloud
  • An unrivaled breadth and depth of hands-on learning through interactive learning features such as Cloud Playground, Cloud Servers and integrated Sandbox Environments that allow students to safely practice their new skills.
  • An even larger community of learners that supports and shares best practices for ongoing education

What is AWS Cloud9?

AWS Cloud9  is  a cloud-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE) recently launched by Amazon which can be used for writing, running, and debugging code in a browser. It is probably the first cloud -native IDE to work with AWS code and includes a code editor, terminal, and a debugger.

Cloud9 is prepackaged with essential tools for most popular programming languages such as Python (my favorite), PHP, Javascript etc and provides a seamless experience while working with serverless applications.


AWS Cloud 9 provides you a flexibility to run your dev environment on a managed AWS EC2 instance or even on an existing Linux server which supports SSH. It allows you to write, run, and debug applications with just a browser and eliminated the requirement to install or maintain a local IDE.

Collaborating with your team becomes easier as AWS Cloud9 allows you to share your development environment with others. While working in AWS Cloud9, your team members can see each other type in real-time, and instantly chat with one another from within the IDE. You can even share your terminal with them!

Unfortunately, Cloud 9 is not yet available for Canada (Central) region and is only launched in the following regions (but you can still use it by creating it in another region) :

Need more information about AWS Cloud 9? Visit these links: